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Who We Are?

Dancefmlive.com was evolved and Established in 2009, prior to having this name of dancefmlive.com we was known as Hardcorefm.co.uk, an online radio station dedicated to only UK hardcore music to which we widely promoted a support platform for new, up and coming and DJ's alike.

To date we have NO affiliation, or have ever had anything to do with the new owners of that name currently, & now used by its new users.

After the change of this new name to dancefmlive again prior we was going to be called Dream FM in 2010 which we did use for only just over a month but we got into a conflict with another user who said he owned it (The name Dream) but really he didn't, It was used as a Pirate radio station name in London and had no proof in copyright that we could use this on the internet so.. to save an argument and a kerfuffle we had to change the name again, owner Mr Gee wanted to keep this name in support of the station he grew up with in Leeds West Yorkshire - Dream FM 107.8fm from the ages of 12 to 16years nothing to do with the station in London it was a complete septate thing we don't know

Our station, which evolved into quite the success with followers across the World tuning in around the clock to listen to shows, Would later be re-branded to its current heading, Dance FM Live, allowing the station to widen its horizons to feature all styles of electronic music and after all not just UK Hardcore which then was known as narrow casting.

Fast forward to present day and Mr Gee has developed and further invested in the future of Dance FM Live and its expansion into a global audience, adding the station to iTunes and Tune-in radio Databases both available to search 24 hours a day on the net and mobile devices.

After his relocation to the North West of Blackpool, and a successful run on the South Coast for 22 years he wants to bring the best uplifting sound to the north west of England Mr Gee plans are both exciting, and simple for the current station now known as Dancefmlive.com its going to be more vibrant, energy fuelled, and with dance productions, as with taking the now feverishly popular 'The Essential Vibe' show on the road to clubs and events UK wide and of course, appearing upon the line-ups of as many club events as is possible, to bring vocal dance anthems delivered in his own exciting, vibrant and unique outgoing style to a packed dance floor near you very soon Dancefmlive will continue to make waves on the internet and until then will be one day and hopefully have its very own frequency or broadcast on DAB = Digital radio broadcasting.

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